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BRUMMER: December 2008


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

With Tyler all snug in his bed, we had time to look at the pictures we took of the kids opening a Christmas Eve present tonight. Tyler thought it was so fun to rip the paper off and had no idea that there was a fun toy inside. He played with it for about 2 minutes until he saw Cameron laughing at him and then in sweet Tyler spirit, he put down his toy and went to spend some time with his sister who, obviously, was not quite old enough to swing a toy baseball bat. (Thanks Brummers!)

We then went to look at Christmas lights and listen to the melodic variance of Tyler's "Oooooh, Aaaaaaah". What a fun night!


Santa came to our house last night!!! Daddy didn't feel well so he had to go lay down and he missed the whole thing : )
Tyler freaked out a little bit but he ended up giving Santa a hug.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Little Christmas Family

We are really looking forward to spending Christmas here, in Arizona, this year. This is our first Christmas since we have been married without traveling and the first Christmas in 8 years that I have not traveled. We love our families but know that they understand how nice it will be for our kids to wake up and have had Santa come to their house.

We are starting our own traditions and carrying on some of the ones that we grew up with. The kids are so excited (Tyler mainly : ) ) about the boxes under the tree and all of the lights on the houses at night. It's so fun to see him experience all of this great stuff.
I LOVED CJ's little Christmas party outfit. She loved looking at her Tu-Tu all night.

Tyler giving his "Sis" kisses

I can't believe we caught one of them sitting still! Neither of them ever do this!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Phil & Teds Changed my Life!

Stroller Review

Okay, so with two kids under two, how the heck and I supposed to get out and about in the day? Well, I do, and though it has proven to be quite a challenge, I think I have found the perfect solution to my every day out and abouts and my traveling nightmares... the Phil & Teds line of strollers. So, I started out my two kid quest with the BOB Revolution Duallie, which I LOVE and use all of the time when I am running with my kids or taking a fun walk around our adorable neighborhood. This stroller is, however the BEAST of strollers.
My next stroller was purchased in California by my incredible mother who helped me out so much when I was traveling with two children by myself. I didn't want to take my BOB on the airplane becuase it is so huge and I thought it might get ruined... not to mention going through airport security. So, the Maclaren Twin Techno, which is an adorable side by side that fits through most dorways, but I have found hard to maneuver with one hand (in fact, impossible) I do, however love this stroller for the recline of both seats, the light weight, and for times when I want my kids in a side by side when I am out and about...
Now, my saving grace... I should have listened to all of my friends who have this stroller, but I thought... no way, how UNFUN for the kid in the back seat... how weird, how... whatever... BUT I am now a believer. With this stroller I can fit through any door, even Tyler loves the back seat when I have Cameron in her carrier on top... It is a dream to maneuver, and I can even jog with it... not that I love to, it's not the greatest jogger and I have my BOB for that, but while traveling this will do the trick!

Bottom line, if I knew then what I know now... I probably whould have gotten a Phil & Teds whe I first had Tyler and just added the doubles kit with Cameron. This would have been wonderful. I still would have purchased the BOB because I just need that BEAST when I run... it's roomie, it's got cup holders and shocks, my kids have all the space that they need when they are in it for a couple of hours. The sun shades a great too. The Maclaren, I am so thankful for when I need a stroller that fits both my kids and leaves tons of room in my car (my mom saved my life with this one at the airport). This one also holds each kid up to around 55lbs when my Phil & Teds is only about 44lbs... that's nice. The thing is, and I know a lot of you are in my boat with kids so close together, you need something functional that you are going to be able to use, use, use; nobody wants to dread leaving the house and this tends to happen when you have two little ones.

Well, there you have it, my two cents on strollers, and for those of you that want to come check them out before you make your stroller purchase, feel free, I practically own a store : ) .

If you want a review on one of them, I have plenty to say, good and bad so give me a call.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Huge Accomplishment!

In the last week Jeff and I have really contemplated potty training Tyler. The last few days we have put him on the potty before his bath at night. This morning, on his One and a Half birthday, Tyler did a Poopie on the potty!!!! We are so proud of him!!! YAYAYAYAY for not changing a yucky diaper yet today!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Love Bugs

The kids are so stinking cute. I had to take pictures of them loving each other at story time tonight.
Cameron, right before she rolled over 3 times in a row!!!


So... I am one of the LEAST crafty people that I know... and I did something CRAFTY!
My friend, Taunya is having a little girl this month and I thought it would be fun to make a tu-tu for her. I made a practice one about a month ago that I gave to another friend, and I thought I'd do some additions like adding a satin ribbon, adding flowers, and little crystals. Let me know what you think!

Feeling the Christmas Spirit

We are so excited to be spending the Holidays at home this year. I have traveled for the last 8 years and am so excited not to face the crowds and airport security this year!!!! It's also fun to decorate our house... we are doing Christmas lights for the first time, got a tree, hung stockings and all the fun Christmas things that we love!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had such a great time on Thanksgiving week. My parents came down from California and we got to hang out with them. Tyler and Bill explored the backyard with Jeff and discussed dreams of a pool, an outdoor television, and other fun stuff while my mom instructed me on dinner. The guys got to hit up the golf course while my mom, the kids and I shopped the black Friday sales.
We love Thanksgiving, and we are still eating leftovers! I am so thankful for my parents, it feels so good to have them around. My mom is just an incredible person and I love her for the mother that she has been and the FUN Grandmother that she is. Tyler loves it because Grandma is always feeding him new yummy things! For instance...

Tyler ate so much this day that his stomach was so HUGE and he barely zipped into his jammies at night. Gotta love the grandparents!