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BRUMMER: January 2009


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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Kids

Obviously from BEFORE the big fall... Tyler LOVES to get down on the ground and make his sister LAUGH!

Tyler Update

Friends and family,
Thank you all so much for you phone calls, texts, emails and blog comments about our little trooper. We are past the tears and the worry and are just pushing right along to recovery and trying to get Tyler to eat soft food. He is happy and playing with all of his toys outside this afternoon. His crooked little mouth is just hard to not smile at and he is just as cuddly as ever. Thanks again for all of your concern, he is doing great!

Tough Litle Tyler-Man

Poor Tyler has had quite a morning... He was trying to go down the stairs but tripped at the top on the baby gate and fell face first onto a stair right before Jeff caught him. We threw both kids in the car and went first to urgent care... it wasn't open; then to the ER.... were there for 20 minutes in a room and not even a nurse showed up; then to our dentist who referred us to a pediatric dentist; then finally 45 minutes after the fall we were at a pediatric dentist who took an x-ray of Ty's mouth. He lost one tooth for sure (the bottom front, left) and the one right next to that has a 90% chance of not making it. The two next to those two are loose but will most likely be fine. The permanent teeth are probably fine, the x-ray showed that no matter what, Tyler would have crowding when those teeth came in anyway, so we will need to get him braces for sure and would have even if this had not happened.

Tyler was so brave and looked like a warrior when we got home. He was covered in blood and has a pretty crooked smile. Soft foods for the next 3 weeks and a check up again in 2 months to look at the other tooth.

Our hearts, of course, broke when we saw all the blood and the poor little guy in pain. What a terrible feeling to see you kid hurting and not being able to fix it. I love that little man!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a Blast!

Jeff's birthday was really fun. He had an entire day all about him, with two little ones that's tricky! We started off the day with a bike ride (the kids were in a bike trailer and LOVED it), then we checked the kids in at the gym and just went in the hot tub and sauna, my parents got him some massages and he used one to help relax in his old age, then Jeff and the kids took a nap and I got food and the balloons ready for the party. We had a house FULL of friends and kids, was super fun and Jeff had a great time, thank you everyone for coming and hanging out with us!

Tyler had the best time ever, it was so neat to see him just play with a bunch of kids and Cameron loved being passed around and adored.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeff Turns 30!!!

Come by tomorrow at 5:00 for some food and fun to wish Jeff a happy birthday!

Tomorrow is Jeff's BIG day! He turns 30 and we are so excited about it. Tyler and Cameron have been helping me plan a few special things for him today and are exhausted : )

Tomorrow we have a few tricks up our sleeve so Jeff won't be available until the afternoon to chat with, so call or stop by and let him know how old he is : )

What a year 29 has been: his business is growing, he had baby #2, we bought another house, we took some trips, we have set new goals, Jeff has met and spoken with members of his birth family, he is constantly seeking to improve his life and he is just amazing.

Jeff, we can't imagine life without you and we are so happy to be celebrating you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Son is an Artist

Tyler did his first piece of art work! He's brilliant : )!!!

In the Market for a new Doctor

Yesterday I was on hold with my Primary care doctor for 1 hour and 57 minutes before I hung up and went over to the office to make an appointment. When they could finally see me I felt like I was totally rushed and nobody would listen to me. I am in the market for a new Primary care doctor, if anyone loves theirs, let me know. My current practice is Desert View.


Sunday, January 4, 2009


So, like most of you we have our 2009 resolutions to work on... I of course resolve to lose this baby weight and NOT GET PREGNANT this year : ) I have done a good job on the weight loss in December (7lbs) which I am PROUD of. I love run, as most of you know, so working out isn't really a resolution for me, it's just something I have always done. Now we have a hiccup in the weight loss resolution for the week... I was running out on Higley and Elliot yesterday, pushing the kids in my BOB when, all of a sudden, we see this paper on the side walk. Instead of moving the kids onto the grass I decided to jog over it. To my painful surprise it was a long piece of hard plastic which I proceeded to step on and roll my ankle over, which leaves me in pain today and limping.

Oh well, I think I'll stick to the elliptical this week and take it easy so I don't hurt it any further. Who gets hurt on a piece of plastic?

Rule to the wise... my mom taught me when I was learning to drive, never run over ANYTHING in the road, not even if it looks like a piece of paper, it could be deceiving and cause an accident. I should apply this to everything!

a gift I would love

I am loving the silver bracelets and necklaces that I am seeing other mom's have with their kids' names on them. I found this cute website with silver bracelets, leather bracelets, and my favorite, charm bracelets. It's called and it's adorable. I was trying to decide whether I wanted a necklace or bracelet, but I think I have decided a charm bracelet would be a cute thing to pass down to CJ... I got one from my grandmother when she passed away and I absolutely love it.

I have also begun a love affair with earrings. My whole life I have had my ears pierced (many times) and now I just wear my bottom hole but love to change up my earrings. I went from just one pair of beautiful diamonds that were my grandma's to changing it up with fun dangly ones; this site has cute earrings also.

Just some cute things I am coveting at the moment : )