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BRUMMER: June 2008


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Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh the ADORABLE things Tyler can do!

I am in serious need of an update and pictures... We'll work on the pictures today.

Adorable thing #!: Tyler is walking!!!! He is so cute and so proud of himself. He walks more and more every day, just in time to be off the ground in this HOT Arizona weather.

Adorable thing #2: I took Tyler on our weekly Home Depot trip on Saturday morning at 7:00 AM and all the way from the store to the car, sitting in the cart, he waved and said "Bye Bye" without prompting from mom!! Now he LOVES to do it all day long.

Adorable thing #3: When we sing "Patty Cake" Ty claps all by himself and tries to sing along!

Adorable thing #4: When you ask Tyler, "Where are the stars?" (My mom started this one) He now points up and looks up in the air!

Could he BE any smarter? !!!!

We just LOVE this little guy to pieces.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Life has been so busy for us the past three weeks. We have been traveling and settling in, recovering from being sick, and painting the house.
We went up to Utah to visit Jeff's family for a few days and to Idaho for Andy's wedding reception; we flew from Utah back to Arizona early one morning and drove to San Diego that afternoon so that Jeff could volunteer at the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines; From San Diego Tyler and I flew to San Jose for my cousin's college graduation and Jeff drove up to meet us the next day; from San Jose we drove to Placerville to celebrate Tyler's first birthday and load up a UHaul to drive back down to Arizona! Needless to say we have been busy. Here are some of the pictures that I have uploaded to my computer of our crazy travels. I have so many more but haven't gotten around to putting them on the computer. Tyler is cute in all of them as I am sure you can imagine!

Jeff and Tyler with the cousins in Idaho.

Sea World!!

The Beach in San Diego
San Jose for Heather's Graduation from Santa Clara University

Tyler's First Birthday!!!

In Utah with Tyler's Grandma and Grandpa Brummer and Aunt Jamie.
We had such a fun time at the zoo.