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BRUMMER: August 2010


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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cameron's Bouncing 2nd Birthday Party

Cameron's Birthday Party!
We went to BounceU this morning for
Cameron's PARTY!
Everyone had a BLAST!!!
These kids CRACK me UP.

Cameron Jennifer Brummer

Cameron turned two today and
we can't believe it.
She is a pure joy to have
around and we adore her.

Cameron loves her brothers,
especially her BIG BROTHER.
She LOVES to read books,
to "color paper",
to play with mom and dad,
she likes swimming,
likes to play with her friends,
and is doing great learning
how to use the potty.

In two years, she has taught me
how to LAUGH,
how to be an example to an impressionable girl,
how to enjoy making a mess!

We love her in all of her two year old glory
(and all that that implies).

The Kids Getting Comfy

My mom got the kids these fun chairs for Christmas,
and then Luke got one for making his way into the world.
They LOVE them and like to make sure NOBODY else sits in them.
They even made us make sure we knew the blue one was LUKES!


Tyler started preschool at Mrs. Becky's!
He loves taking his backpack every day and loves to see his friends.
His favorite day is Thursday when he gets to bring his
show and tell.

I can't even believe how fast he is growing up.
He starts his first season of soccer in a few weeks!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


If you are wondering what
we've been up to lately...

Cameron is potty training and hasn't
had an accident in TWO DAYS!!!

Tyler is getting ready to start preschool!

Luke is getting BIG!


I am working on getting the baby weight off!

We are excited for
Ty to start school and
so proud of Cam's potty success.
What a month...