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BRUMMER: February 2010


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Name Game

Picking a name for this next little person has been the hardest yet! Maybe because I am actually giving Jeff a voice on his own child this time ; )

Drum roll please...... LUKAS or LUCAS (we will call him LUKE) is our front runner right now. We are going to let it settle in and see how we feel. We'll keep you updated!

I had an ultrasound yesterday and things look wonderful. We were a little scared because last month it looked like the placenta was growing on my incision from my previous c-sections, which could cause all sorts of issues... well, it is not! This is wonderful news!

Our tentative delivery date is July 1st... we'll know for sure next month. Yay for sweet little boys! and little girls that have tempers like their mother :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just an Update:

Tyler is in UNDERWEAR!!! This has been a VERY LONG potty training process and he has been 100% at home for about 5 months but when we are out, especially in the car he goes in his pants... but he has been VERY SUCCESSFUL this past week and we are proud of him!!

Cameron will be 18 months in a couple of weeks and gets to start her gymnastics class! She LOVES suckers and her blanket. She loves to walk and not be carried. She is putting together sentences and is a real fireball. She loves cars and golf, not really into dolls :)
We adore her.

Baby Brummer is a BOY! I am 19 weeks and doing well. We are still nameless for the little man. Our frontrunners are: Trevor, Chase, and Nathan... any more suggestions?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cam's Movie!

I made Tyler a little video for his first day of preschool and it made me want to make one to document Cameron's life so far also!(Movies are so fun!)

There have been many firsts in the past 17 months, first teeth, first steps, first holidays, first words, first injuries, first trips, but nothing really beats the every day smiles. She is so full of life and has SO MUCH personality. She is no shy thing, darting into the arms of anyone who smiles at her, and oh does she love her big brother.

She is a cuddle bug and a thumb sucker and just a real joy to be around. I love everything about that little girl, she makes me a better person, and I am lucky to be her mom.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tyler's Movie!

I KNOW... it's only Preschool...
but I can't help but look at this
and think about how far he has come.
I just want to hold him tight!

Tyler's First Day of Pre-School!

Tyler had his first day of pre-school today.
It's a fun class in our neighborhood called, "Boys will be Boys". It is adorable! He was so excited to go today, after visiting the open house yesterday, and when I picked him up he couldn't stop talking about what they did.
They learned about outer space and airplanes!!

I did tear up when I picked him up and he was SO THRILLED with himself.
He ran out the door and said, "HI MOM! I HAD FUN!" (which completely melted my heart) and showed me his craft and jumped up and down with it : ) I can't believe how fast time flies and he doesn't need mom for everything anymore.

What a blessing he is in my life.


Jeff was out of town for work and I took Tyler to
with some good friends on Saturday night.
He had the TIME OF HIS LIFE!
He has been talking about it ever since!

"Thanks, Mom. Monster Trucks was SO FUN" : )
Melts my little heart.

Getting BIG

Little Camies is growing up so fast! She has lots of hair to do fun hairstyles with and a personality that is about twice as big as she is. She is a joy to be around and she is IN LOVE with her big brother.

1/2 Marathon

A couple of weeks ago I ran the P.F. Chang's Rock n Roll Half Marathon from Phoenix to Tempe!
It was such a fun time and I did part of it with a really great friend.

I was 15 weeks pregnant and ran a time of 2:31... not bad :)