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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Fun Trip

My parents are on sabbatical from Intel and are traveling all over the place. One of their golf stops was in Palm Springs for a few days where Jeff and I brought Tyler up for the weekend to hang out with them. Jeff and Bill got to golf at PGA West and my mom, Ty, and I hung out at the pool and had a fun time.

Here are some pics of us with our bruiser (I HATE pictures of me pregnant so it took courage to post these but Tyler is just so cute in them).

Ty had so much fun putting ice cubes in Grandpa's hand!

Little Walker

Tyler is all over the place. He got this lawn mower from our friends the LeSueurs and it's his FAVORITE!!! He walks all over the house with it and makes loud noises with his mouth when he crashes into stuff.

Friday, July 11, 2008

3G iPhone

Guys, I will be up and running again later today (as soon as iTunes isn't backed up). Because I sold my old iPhone last week I have been without a phone for the week; after waiting in line for a few hours this morning we are back in the game! I'll update on how I like it once it's working!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Pregnancy RUNdown

This pregnancy is going really well so far (7 weeks left). It is flying by and we are beginning to freak out a little bit at the thought of having two BABIES. The thing that has kept me healthy and feeling so well with this pregnancy, along with my pregnancy with Tyler, is running. I was in great shape at the start of this one (having run a half marathon before I even knew I was pregnant). I don't run as hard or as fast as I do when I am not carrying a baby, but I try to run 5 days a week. I have talked to many doctors and done research on my own and this activity is encouraged now (not like the old school of thought where pregnant women should just rest and eat for two). I would just like to encourage everyone to take care of themselves! Get some exercise, take at least 30 minutes to yourself and get your heart rate up, it will make such a difference in your quality of life.

Tyler's BIG BOY Bed.

With another baby coming we weren't sure what to do; big boy bed for Tyler or another crib for Cameron. After much research and talking to countless people I was stuck, so we went for the bed. We set it up and for a few weeks took Ty into his "new room" to play on the bed. I then put his favorite stuffed animals on his bed. Last week we thought we'd try it; we put him in his room and he climbed right into his bed and slept from 7pm to 7am! He has been sleeping in his bed at night for a week and taken naps in it the last two days. I can't believe he is doing so well. (We did put a baby gate up on his bedroom door).