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BRUMMER: December 2007


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Monday, December 17, 2007

Tyler's Half Birthday!

So Tyler is Six Months Old! Can you believe it? We sure can't!
On Saturday we celebrated the big day. We went to Dave & Busters for dinner and games with some friends: Cliff and Rachel and Dan and Teresa. Jeff and I sure had fun! I beat Jeff by at least 200 points in ski ball and I was the one holding the baby!

In the end, Tyler was pooped, and had a stuffed bear to show for his winnings.

Happy Six Months T-Bone!


This is obviously Tyler's first Christmas. We are so excited to be going up to California at the end of the week and spending time with my parents and the O'Hares. Jeff's family will be in Idaho for Christmas this year.

Christmas with a baby is the most fun thing EVER! We took Tyler to see Santa, who came all the way down from the North Poll, last week. He LOVED Santa. Jeff's family sent Tyler a few gifts and they are sitting in our house all wrapped and all he wants to do is tear them open and play with the paper!! He has already gotten to the bows on them.

It is so fun seeing this little guy growing up.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tyler's 5 Month Adventures!

Tyler turns 6 months old on Saturday so I wanted to play a little video of what he has been up to the past month!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

What a Weekend!!

This weekend was awesome! We went to our ward Christmas party, which was beautiful and the food was great. Tyler got to see Santa for the first time... picture to come.

The little man is growing so fast. He can sit up by himself if someone puts him in the seated position, I need to upload that pic onto my computer too! He is close to getting up and going, we anticipate a crawler soon. We got him a big boy toy... a walker and he LOVES it. I took him to the store and put him in a few of them, this is the one he picked! It has a steering wheel and it makes lots of fun noises for him. Tyler also learned how to drink from a straw! He couldn't quite get the hang of the tippy sippy cup, so I gave him the one with a straw and he was so happy about it!

He is such a crack up; what a personality. He babbles now, using new sounds ... dada gadahga ... sortof sounds like that. We also got him the TMX Elmo and he squeals when he plays with it. We'll upload some video of that action.

Ty's half birthday is this Saturday!


I am trying to keep this thing updated, but Tyler is growing so fast and life is busy. These are pictures from when they turned the lights on at temple square in SLC when we were there for Thanksgiving. Ty's first time in the cold!

The Guys at the Airplane Museum; it was such a neat place! Thanks for taking us Grandpa B.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


We had a fun trip to Utah and Idaho for Thanksgiving.  Jeff's family got to see Tyler and got to play with his cousins.

Tyler and his buddy Riley Robinson 

Jeff and the Niece and Nephews: Jaden, Spencer, McKenzi
Tyler and Great Uncle Lance and Aunt Julie